A Beach Body with Beachbody?

What Is Beachbody

What the heck is Beachbody? Beachbody is a network marketing, or MLM that markets fitness programs, supplements, and fitness gear They even publish a monthly “Beachbody” newsletter which focuses on healthier living. I must say from all I read Beachbody is all about moving products. How refreshing that is in this day and age when 99.9% of all MLM companies out there are preaching the same old sermon of not marketing products but focusing on recruitment of new distributors. Beachbody has firmly entrenched itself in it’s nitch market and is selling a ton of products not just to it’s distributors but to customers as well! Was that hard to follow? Let me put it this way. Beachbody sells it’s products to customers first and focuses on recruitment second. I am impressed already. While on the site I confess to buying DVDs of workouts and plan to implement them into my fitness plan. Did I just do that? I did, I made an unsolicited purchased from a network marketing company. The sky may come crumbling down tomorrow. Am I promoting Team Beachbody? Well for now let’s just say I am promoting their products. Just go to the site and check out the sucess stories at Team Beachbody site! I want abs like that again!!

Can Team Beachbody Give Me A Beach Body?

I believe they can. I have been a bodybuilder and powerlifter all my life. I started competition when I was 16 and I am 54 today. I still lift weights more days than I don’t. I have lately come to realize I need more calorie burning cardio in my workouts and I do believe the Team Beachbody’s P90X exercise program with Tony Horton and their Insanity with Shaun T to be the perfect fit for me. Yes Tony I do what to go from regular to ripped in 90 days!! It will be like Christmas when the DVDs arrive! Other great titles include Brazil Butt Lift, I can only imagine, Turbo Jam, and Hip Hop Abs to name a few. I believe if you get these DVDs and follow the routine you will see an amazing transformation in your physique in just a couple of months. Stand by as I will let you know as I will be testing these regiments on myself. I can see me now with rippling abs by spring!!

Can Team Beachbody Make Me Money?

You are given several options for joining Team Beachbody. You can sign up for free which gives you a personal coach, access to WOW SuperGym, and allows you to access the forum. You can join as a paying member where you’ll also recieve a 10% discounts on all products, meal plans personalized for your goals, and VIP access to your favorite trainers in chat, and videos. The cost will run you about $40 every 3 months. There is also the option of becoming a “coach” through Beachbody. Here is where the ability to make money kicks in. You will receive not only discounts on all your purchases but make money an all who purchase from you. In the typical MLM model you can sponsor other “coaches” and be paid residuals on all sales/purchases made by them. The cost to start a Beachbody busness is less than $40 bucks!! Beachbody is a company that has an income opportunity that lets you turn weight loss into profit. Last I checked the United States leads the world on it’s citizens being obese. We as a country are almost 1/3, that is one out of three clinically obese, and it is only getting worse. I am all for anyone and anything that will get this country off the couch, out from in front of the TV or video games and back into shape. It is clear to me that there will be an endless group of people that need, and want what Team Beachbody has to offer.

Closing Remarks About Team Beachbody

I have become a customer and have even joined their free membership. I am looking forward to feeling sore from the PX90 workout. I will keep the batteries in my Powermag fully charged to help with the soreness! I have however found a company and products I have both faith in and an emotional attachment with Nikken. I find it refreshing to find another MLM that is not all about sponsoring and recruitment and has enough faith just a Nikken does to build a company around their products. Good luck to all Beachbody Coaches I hope each and every one of you make a ton of money. I would reccomend doing what I do and having other sources of income other that just your primary business. This is crutial especially when your business is not yet generating the kind of money you need it to to be independent. Chech out MLSP to see what I am doing to bring in more money and still build my Nikken empire. You will never have too many sources of income and MLSP is just another egg in your income basket. Best of luck.

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