A review of ZamZuu

A review of ZamZuu

If you go and check the top gainers in terms of interest in home based, MLM companies you will find ZamZuu at the top of the list with a whopping 188.39% gain from the previous reporting period. These figures are from www.mlmrankings.com as of November 18th 2010. That fact got my interest up as to just what ZamZuu is and why all the “buzz”!

ZamZuu is a division of YTB International. The company offers an online shopping portal that allows members to shop at over 700 brand name stores online. The list of stores is a who’s who of shopping! ZamZuu divides it’s shopping into divisions from apparel to tech and most things in between. When visiting the site you are greeted with a very nice, modern video explaining the growth and benefits of online shopping. I really liked the videos!! ZamZuu members receive cash back rebates on their online purchases. Most ZamZuu rebates fall in the 2.5% to 3% range. When I investigated the site I saw some rebates that were 6%! When you couple that with the online savings you can see where you can really save money on products you will probably be purchasing anyway. ZamZuu members also receive rebates on purchases made by others through their shopping portals. That is where the money really starts to flow for ZamZuu members. It is the idea of a penny multiplied. It really starts to add up as your team grows. As with any network marketing or MLM the bigger the network the bigger the check philosophy still applies! ZamZuu is headquartered in Wood River Illinois, and has J. Scott Tomer as it’s Founder and CEO.

I must say I was impressed with ZamZuu ranking of 55 in terms of popularity out of 671 companies in the profile. The trends of consumer interest as well as distributor interest has shown steady growth over the last year. The start up cost for the ZamZuu shopping site is $249.00, with a $49.00 monthly fee.

The real question here is can you make money with the ZamZuu opportunity to which I would have to say “YES”. The real secret to success in any business opportunity is in having a marketing strategy and marketing system in place. One must learn to harness the power of the internet in order to cut the time between start up and success. It also helps to have other sources of income namely affiliate marketing strategies in place to help support you as your network matures. I am available to work with anyone in any MLM to help them to develop these strategies as they develop their businesses. I personally am very satisfied with my present business and have no plans to pursue a ZamZuu business at this time. I wish only the best for Mr. Tomer and all the ZamZuu family on their path towards success!

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