A Tour of Barn Barbell

Tour of a Powerlifting Gym: Like Lifting Weights?

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I purchased this 50 acre farm October 1st 1985. There was no powerlifting gym or bodybuilding gym nearby. I was told by many I had paid far too much at the time. It included a small house that has undergone many re-modelings over the years and several out-buildings including the infamous “barn”. We started lifting weights in the barn loft that same fall that I purchased the farm. That first winter it was cold and I remember hanging up a blanket over the opening in front just to keep the wind out. The guys and I started remodeling the next spring that included insulation, new doors and windows, a set of stairs to replace the ladder we had to use to get up there, and heat and AC. We have had a gym in the barn for 29 years and running. Since all the weights were upstairs in the loft we had become known as “Barnlofters”. The Powerlifting Gym remained upstairs 22 years until one day BIG TONY squatted so much a floor joist broke. We have since moved down to our cement slab to ensure no more breaking, only building. We offer twelve hundred sq. ft. of iron to help put calluses on your hands. As far as cardio we have several options. Our batting cage will pitch up to an estimated 80 miles an hour for as long as you can handle it. Then there is always someone lurking around to challenge you to a game of Ping-Pong in the loft above. If that doesn’t get your heart pumping, we have 50 acres and a push mower. See how Nikken can help in increasing your bench press!

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    Cool video. The gym looks really nice. 🙂 D

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