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nikken friendsWhat a great day today has turned out to be. I must admit I was a bit grumpy most of the day. I had got caught speeding a few weeks ago I was doing 60 in a 45. I have not had a speeding ticket in 20 years! I have to say I was guilty as charged but still I was in a rural area at one in the morning and hurrying to get home. I had no Idea the police was hiding just waiting for me to come along. Today I had to pay the $209 fine and I was not too pleased about it. I have been commenting about what a racket it is for cities and counties to be gathering money this way. You would not believe how long the line was of poor hapless souls such as myself with money in hand to turn over to the lady at the desk.

I came home and was greeted with the weightlifters eager to throw the iron around. I took my frustration out on the weights, they didn’t have a chance, and wound up getting a great workout. I came in and sat at the computer before starting dinner as I usually do checking emails and post on Facebook. I will check if there are people online that have just added me on Facebook and make it a point to thank them for allowing me the privilege of being their friend. One never know how a person we cross paths will might affect our lives. One today was a beautiful lady, half way around the world in of all places the Netherlands. I have never been to the Netherlands but can say if everyone there is half as nice as she I would love to go someday. She is like me a Nikken distributor. She commented that she appreciated my blog post on Nikken and we chatted for a few minutes about how we were building the business. I must say it was great to have someone confess they had read and enjoyed something I had written. Sometimes one sits and wonders if they are talking to only themselves. It made me really appreciate this group of people I come to be associated with. I have referred to them as Nikkenites, always makes me think of Star Trek when I hear that, my Nikken family, and even fellow travelers on the Nikken Highway. Whatever they are called i have learned they all have a few things in common. An allegiance to a positive attitude, great aspirations and expectations , and a devotion to helping people. Kinda like the three gifts of spirit…, hope, and love.

til next time,

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  1. Joke Guijt says:

    I’m also very glad our paths crossed! I’ve had better days myself and talking with you gave me some great ideas for my Nikkenbusiness overhere, it made me feel a whole lot better, so thank you Gary!
    Keep up that beautiful writing, see you on the Nikken highway!

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