An interview with the inventor or the Nikken PiMag water system

Drink water to stay healthy

Lester Kok
The Straits Times (Singapore)
August 21, 2010

DR WALTER Kim is the inventor of the Nikken PiMag water filtration system, and is also a director of the Korean Society for Environment and Medical Science.

In 2005, he was awarded the National Decoration Prize, the most prestigious award given to a South Korean citizen, for his valuable contributions to the country in terms of economic activity brought about by his inventions.

His technology for the home water filtration system ensures drinking water is free of chlorine and contaminants and is mildly alkaline.

The robust filtration system has been used to filter urine, wine and even arsenic-laced water – which had killed a goldfish that was put in it – into clean water which Dr Kim drank in front of others.

The Straits Times speaks to him.

Aren’t you afraid to drink filtered arsenic-laced water?

There is no doubt at all that I can drink the filtered water. I had so many experiences drinking contaminated water through our water system. I just poured arsenic-laced water into the top tank and drank the filtered water just after a few minutes. Everybody was surprised and wouldn’t believe it.

Why should people have a secondary filtration system at home?

For good-quality drinking water, we must eliminate chlorine, rust and sediments – which enter through leaking pipes (between the treatment plants and homes) – called secondary pollution.

Why is there a need to remove chlorine from drinking water?

Chlorine is one of the strongest chemical agents – that is why it can kill germs and microbes. If we drink water containing chlorine, it can also destroy our cells. When chlorine joins with an organic substance, it creates organic compounds – THMs (trihalomethanes) – which have already been proven as cancer-causing compounds. This is a worldwide problem. In the case of advanced countries… they are using ozone to sterilise bacteria and microbes, but it has high costs.

Why drink mildly alkaline water?

Water makes up 70 per cent of our body. Water is our life. When we are healthy, our pH level is mildly alkaline at 7.4. Otherwise, we will face problems like a weak immune system. So we always have to keep a mildly alkaline level in our blood.

That is why we recommend drinking mildly alkaline water to neutralize the pH levels in our blood, as most of the food we eat is acidic.

You said water has healing properties. Could you elaborate?

In cases of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension, modern medicine cannot cure patients of these diseases completely, only control. Through my research, not only me but there are many scientists and experts (who) say the fundamental reason is dehydration in our body. If we have enough water in our body, especially in our cells, we won’t get sick. But when we get older, we have aging. What is aging? It is dehydration.

We have to change our habits, drink more water, because our body does not store water. If you drink water, within hours, all of the water is discharged from your body. That is why our body is exposed to dehydration, and that is why we need to drink continuously.
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