An Opportunity

Today we stand at the forefront of an amazing opportunity. The opportunity to be on the ground floor of an industry that has tapped into the change in the spending of people all over the world. Imagine if you could return back in time and prosper from IBMs choice to utilize Microsoft’s operating system, or from the expansion of cell phone use or satellite and cable television. The industries that are prospering today were not even around just 30 years ago. We have just such an opportunity within our grasp today. That opportunity is in the industry of preventive medicine and the use of alternative treatments for common diseases. People the world over are investing in the health of themselves and their family. Those individuals that recognize and position themselves today to take advantage of this change, and partner with a company that provide the training and support necessary to have a thriving business will prosper beyond their wildest expectations.

Paul Zane Pilzer, a noted economist describes it in his book “The Next Millionaires” as follows:
“The Next Millionaires explains in detail why the 21st century will be known as the age of the entrepreneur, and how you can stake your claim to being one of these next 10 million millionaires–especially if you are in direct selling, technology, home-based business, product distribution, or an emerging trillion-dollar industry like wellness. It explains how old models of opportunity in physical distribution have given way to new opportunities in intellectual distribution, defined as teaching people about products or services that they didn’t even know exist.”

Pilzer continued in a 2009 article in Success magazine. “For entrepreneurs today, the last decade of innovation stagnation has created the greatest economic opportunity in history because there are so many ready-to-be-implemented advances in virtually every sector of our economy. The greatest personal fortunes of 2020 are about to be created by entrepreneurs who either lower the price of existing products or introduce new products and services to our economy.”

You can work with a company that has had stable growth for 35 years, a 5A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating, millions of satisfied customers and billions in sales. Couple that with a presence in 38 countries and an almost untapped market here in the U.S. A world leader in products that promote health and prevent disease. Products you have probably never heard or seen, a compensation plan that leads our industry. We are looking at an out of control growth in sick-care spending, the coming changes brought about with the new Health Care Reform Bill and an aging baby boom population that is eagerly spending money in an effort to stay young and active and you have the best business opportunity anywhere at anytime in history.

We are looking for key people that are eager to make a difference in their lives or the lives of others. If you are such a person investigate this opportunity fully. I will assure you there will never be any pressure. We do not look for people to motivate rather we look for motivated people. You will not be bombarded with emails to buy the latest scheme on the market today. We have laser focus on helping people to realize their goals. You will receive information then answers to any and all question that might come up. If you decide to pass we will part as friends.

til next time,

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