Baldness And Gray Hair A Cure

Baldness And Gray Hair A Cure

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Scientist at UCLA were trying to find a cure for stress. The scientist were studying the connection between stress and the digestive system. They genetically engineered mice that would produce an unusually high amount of a known stress hormone. The result was a group of bald, gray, stressed out mice. They treated the mice with an astressin-B peptide, a new medication to block the overproducing stress hormone. The scientist gave the mice one injection a day for five days. Three months later the mice had completely regrown their hair and it was no longer gray!

Yes that’s right! Scientist at UCLA have stumbled upon not only a cure for baldness but also for gray hair. No need to run out and sell your shares of Revlon, Clairol, and Loreal just yet. It is still a few years off from being given to the general public but the research is compelling. Compelling enough that both UCLA and the Salk Institute have applied for a patent. “Scientists say they were able to get the hair to grow back in the lab mice 90% of the time with the drug. In another experiment, Dr. Mulugeta and his team also treated non-genetically altered young mice with the drug before balding. The study found that their hair never fell out.”

There you have it. A new treatment not only to prevent baldness and gray hair but also to reverse the conditions if you’re already dealing with the issue. I have a full head of hair but it is turning gray. I relieve stress by sleeping on a magnetic mattress. Check out what I’m doing for stress.

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