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Gary Bolton bodybuilding

I came across an article that appeared in the Athen’s Observer in 1980. It was all about the bodybuilding scene in Athens, Ga. during that time. Several bodybuilders in town were interviewed and yours truly was the featured picture for the article. You can click on the above picture to enlarge and read the article. I include it here to hopefully add some validity to what I have been writing about strength, muscle growth and health. I am firmly convinced that Nikken energy fields, and PiMag water will one day be recognized as having as great of an effect on athletic performance, and training as protein. I further believe it will be common knowledge that these technologies have a more profound effect than supplements like creatine, nitric oxide, thermogenics or Jack3D at increasing strength, endurance, recuperation, building muscle, and sports peak performance.

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  1. And the Nikken products work as well for the rest of us too, who want to just stay active and healthy through a very old age.

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