Check Your Water Quality

We all wonder about just how clean the water is that comes from our tap. Many folks today refuse to drink tap water or use it in their cooking. Many will boil the water thinking that this will somehow clean the water when the truth is most of the time it will just concentrate contaminants already in the water. Some will drink bottled water thinking they are doing their body good when in reality tap water in spite of what is in it is usually better than what they are buying in plastic bottles whether the bottles are 16 ounces or 5 gallons in size.

Water Quality

Remember the water coming from your tap is at least regulated when the bottled water is not. Bottled water is never tested to see what’s in it and most is put through a process called reverse osmosis which results in “dead water”. Most of the time if you will read the bottle it will say it has been put through this type of process. I never drink either I drink what is called filtered alkaline water. I make it for about 7 cents a gallon and it is by far the very best water you can drink.

Water Analysis

Today I want to give you a tool you can use to get some idea of just how bad, or good your tap water is. There is a website called Here you can put in your zip code and it will give you several options for you to check on your tap water. Here are some of the reports available to you:

1) You can see how your county stacks up against all others in the U.S.

2) Get a list of:

a. the top polluters in your county

b. the top chemicals released in your county

3) Learn more about pollution from industrial facilities in your community.

Lead Hazards

1) 2 percent of houses in your County have a high risk of lead hazards.

2) See how your county stacks up against all others in the U.S.

Worst Toxic Waste Sites (Superfund Sites)

1) See if any waste sites in your county are on EPA’s National Priority List of Superfund sites.

This is an amazing amount of free information available and all you have to do is put in your zip code.

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