Spanish Speaking Consultants Needed

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Nikken markets it’s amazing product line in 38 countries and new markets are being opened all the time. Many of our most rapidly expanding markets are in South and Central America. Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Puerto Rico are all

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countries Nikken is seeing tremendous growth. If you live or know someone who lives in these countries and are motivated, coach-able, and have a desire to control your own destiny forward them this post. I would love to work with them. The marketing material and all information is available in Spanish. I can email to you the necessary material to get started on your road to financial freedom. Besides I would love to visit each of these countries some day, the fact that my trip would be tax deductible is just icing on the cake! Spain itself would be nice too….:)

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One Response to Spanish Speaking Consultants Needed

  1. martin iribarne says:

    Hi Gay
    I am martin and came across the Nikken water filter while leaving in Brisbane Australia. Now I moved to Sydney but travell frequently back home, Argentina.
    I firstly wanted to give the filter as a present to a good friend but then thought why not have a go and try to promote sells there.
    If you can provide me some data as marketing data, leaflets and so on I am happy to have a read and give it a go.
    I am an eocnomic consultant working full time but this opportunities are unique to shift your life for good.
    By the way, I am travelling to Arg next wedn so if you wanna give me some marketing data to take with me I am more than happy. On the other hand regardless of this , I need to one by while I am back in Latin america, where would you suggest me to go .


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