December 21, 2012

YouTube Preview ImageI have recently been looking into the significance of the date December 21, 2012 and all the hype associated with the doomsday predictions. I remember well the predictions of January 1, 2000 and the doomsday predictions then. I offered my observations then that 1/01/2000 was just an arbitrary number on a piece of paper we call a calendar and the Earth and indeed the Universe would not know one day from another and scoffed at the possibility of doomsday associated with this date. However when I looked into the significance of 12/21/2012 the same could not be said. It will be different from any other day since man has been around. First I offer a few truths.

The Earth rotates on it’s axis once every ~24 hours. The Earth revolves in an elliptical orbit around the Sun once every ~year. The Sun Revolves around the Milky Way Galaxy once every ~70 million years. If you look at the Milky Way from above or below it appears to be a spiral. If you look from the side the Milky Way looks somewhat flat with a bulge in the center. You can draw a line through the center of this flattened Milky Way and that line is often referred to as the “Galactic Equator”. The path the Sun takes dragging our solar system with it, is not on a flat plane with the Galactic equator. There are times during this cycle that the Sun is above the equator and times it is below. The sun along with our solar system including the Earth passes through this “Galactic Equator” once every ~25,800 years. When will the next crossing of the “Galactic Equator” occur? You guessed it December 21st in the year 2012. Is this significant and will there be changes that occur on our plant because of this change in position? I do not know but I do offer this observation. When you move from north of the equator and stand on the equator there are changes that occur of how water reacts. I have included a video for your viewing describing these changes. Will changes occur of a similar nature on the surface of this planet? The Earth is covered predominately by water. Any changes in currant and currant direction would directly impact our climate. Again I do not know but neither does anyone else. I am somewhat perplexed and astounded that ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Egyptians, Hopi Indians, and other ancient cultures would know of the astronomic event?

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The Mayans had many predictions, and here was one of them:
“–Great Birds will come from the sky and end a great city to the north at 9/11/01.”
Fact: Two airplanes (birds) struck the twin towers of New York (great city), a city to the north.

In truth the Mayan prophecy is not one of destruction concerning 2012 but rather one of change. Either way we cannot change what is coming. We can only live in expectation.

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