Diabetic Neuropothy New Hope

Nikken’s first product Magnetic Insoles called Magsteps continues to cause much amazement. I received a call yesterday from a business partner in Toccoa, Ga.  When he called I could hear the emotion, and passion in his voice.  He had sold a pair of magnetic insoles called Magsteps two and a half weeks ago to a young man named Keith whose grandfather was suffering from Diabetic NeuropathyDiabetic Neuropathy is a painful condition where the nerves have been damaged because of poor circulation of blood particularly of the feet.  The doctors had been discussing with Keith’s  grandfather the possibility of amputation.  Keith had described how dark his grandfather’s feet were and how much he had complained of burning and pain in his feet.   Yesterday however Keith’s Grandfather had been to his doctor and had been told to reduce his medication from 3 pills a day to one and the Diabetic Neuropothy in his  feet seemed to be gone.  The darkness, pain, and burning associated with Diabetic Neuropathy were gone.  It had been replaced with normal, healthy, pink feet.  The doctor was astounded and wanted to know what had caused this dramatic improvement. 
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  1. Nancy Landa says:

    I love inspirational stories like this one; where healing happens without pills.

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