The Electric Car – A New Idea?

The Electric Car – A New Idea?

It is curious what causes one to expand their knowledge. I have learned so much this week after my son, 19 yr old Jacob purchased a 1959 Studebaker truck. As I always do I Googled this new addition to the other yard ornaments and was astonished at what I found.

The most popular exhibits at this years car shows proved to be the electric cars. Honda, Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford, they all seemed to be jumping on the electric car band wagon. I am here to tell you they are very late entries into this arena. A major car manufacturing company had an electric car mass produced that was available to the American consumer as early as 1902 had continued production until 1912.

The Studebaker Car Company, headquarter in South Bend, IN. sadly produced its last car in 1966. Studebaker had been in continuous operation since they produced their first Studebaker horse drawn carriage in 1857. It causes one to wonder what might have been had they continued to make their electric carriages.

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6 Responses to The Electric Car – A New Idea?

  1. What’s really sad about the new lot of electric cars is that they probably don’t have any more range than they did 100 years ago. It would have been interesting to see what they could have become had they been able to continue it.

  2. hannamay says:

    Yeah, they don’t really give a chance to expose the electric car.

  3. Jul Andresen says:

    I think most of the eletric cars suppliers keep getting better and several places have EV chargers in close range. We should be seing more EV around us soon.

  4. Sally Thompson says:

    How I wish electric car was still here..

  5. Celestine says:

    I hope the give a chance to expose the electric car..Thank you for sharing..

  6. CorinneC says:

    Most of the electric cars right now is hybrid. It still needs gas right? I’m not that into cars, but yes, It keep one guessing what would have been if electric cars was continued..

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