Get Rich Quick?

There was a presentation last night in Toccoa of the business opportunity I am associated with and I came away with an ah-ha moment. It was really on the drive home as I listened to my friend and partner as we discussed what we were doing and how we might improve our success rate. He pointed out something that was said in the presentation, the most successful network marketers never get into a hurry. The quote actually came from Gordon Williams’ website. We, as business builders seem to be in a hurry to get large numbers of people involved when in truth we only need a handful of people that share our vision to be financially successful. Why be in a hurry for such a small number? If you find one individual a month for a year and each of these people find one business builder a month and so on at the end of a year you will have 4992 people in your organization! If each one of these purchased or sold just $100 of products that would be $499,200 in volume going through your organization. At a 6% payout your check would be over $29,000 per month. I can live on that.

The power of duplication is an amazing thing. We all need to slow down and stop trying to do it all ourselves. Let the numbers work for you. Instead of trying to sponsor 20 people a month that might do something, seek out that one that will see the possibilities of what can be. Seek out that person that will do what you do. With my company the products sell themselves. I never do a product demonstration that the person does not want what I have to offer. I am not a salesman, I do not have to be. I prospect for people that want to make a change in their health or economic condition. There is a limit to the number of people you can work with anyway. I am constantly reading of programs that bring in 400 leads a day! Who can’t contact or work with 400 people a day much less build a relationship with that many people?? They are selling you a program of which they will receive for money from! Give me one qualified, motivated person a month. That I can handle and teach the skills necessary to be successful in our industry. It is truly easy. Just let the numbers work for you. If you find just one person a month that will duplicate what you do at the end of a year you will be wondering if you are worth as much as the checks you are receiving! Wouldn’t that be a great reason to lose sleep at night.

While I am perched here on my soapbox let me point out one other fact of network marketing. We are pack animals not race horses. (Thanks again Gordon Williams.) This is not a race to see who crosses a finish line first. It is an endurance challenge. If someone tells you you can get rich fast with little to no work run away!! They are after your M-O-N-E-Y. It will not always be easy and there will be times you will wonder if it is worth it or not. That is when the cream will rise to the top. That will be the time to reach deep and pull with all you have when it seems nothing is going your way. If you talk with enough leaders in our industry you will find that many of their sponsors quit! How could anyone quit when they sponsored someone that would have made them millions? It just didn’t happen overnight or quickly enough for them and they walked away from an oil well that would have paid them unbelievable riches. If your looking for overnight success play the lottery. If you have the desire, drive, and patience to build an empire that will reward you and your family with more than you can imagine possible, yes even in a down economy, I want to talk.

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