How Do I Get Started With Internet Marketing?

I hear this a lot. People will read about all the growth of the internet. How year after year more and more money is spent here. How does one get some of that money?? I will tell you how to get your feet wet with a very small cost to you.

The first thing you have to have is a domain name for your website. These have to be registered with a service. I use two different sites, Godaddy, and HostMonster. I use GoDaddy just for registration of domain names I picked out years ago and keep them active there even though I have not yet built a site for these domains. I also use GoDaddy for my MLSP account since MLSP has some sharing capabilities with GoDaddy they do not have with other sites. The site of choice for me is HostMonster. I have become very comfortable with their site and their help desk has been fantastic whenever I have called. HostMonster also offers lots of choices for building your website. The cost to have a domain name registered at HostMonster is about $10 a year. Affordable for anyone. You can chose your name, dog’s name, clever phrase, whatever has not already been taken. There are several dot choices as well. There is com, net, biz, org, us and on and on. I have always chosen the com suffix though it really does not matter. You should always own your own domain, and web site that way you can not be shut down.

Ok you have decided on what you will call your site, your domain name now what?? I always suggest you start with a blog. Blogs are very easy to set up, and the search engines like google love them. You can have your site hosted on HostMonster for about $6 a month…cheap. You can be writing your first blog in 15 minutes or so. WordPress is the very best blogging software out and it is free. With HostMonster you can download WordPress directly from the C-panel in your new site. Once you sign in with your new domain you have registered you will see WordPress as one of the download choices. You will be prompted to chose a theme, how your site will look, and your then ready to write your first blog. Take your time and review the themes and decide on the one you like best. Your blog will be the hub of your new internet business. If your online to sell a product, service or build a MLM, a blog is the very best way to start. Get set up and start posting! It does not matter if you are good or not you will improve over time. Write about things that are near and dear to your heart. Your sincerity will show through. Links to all the sites I have mentioned can be found on this site.

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