How to lose fat!

The “lose weight” industry has become a billion dollar industry in the U.S. The latest statistics indicate that we as Americans are 30.2% obese. That is not including those of us that are 10 or 15 lbs overweight. When you add those folks into the mixture we are well over 50% overweight. Being over weight stresses so many systems in the body. Everything from cartilage, and bone to internal organs like your heart, kidneys, and liver. We all know how being overweight makes us tired and unable to perform as we did when we were much thinner. Today I want to give you an easy assignment that will cause you to lose fat.

The assignment is to monitor what you eat in the evening before you retire to bed. After all when you sleep is when most of the magic happens in our bodies. It is the time when our bodies regenerate and heal. A full one third of our lives is spent sleeping. If you eat carbohydrate rich foods before bed the body will burn those for fuel throughout the night. Carbohydrate rich foods include ice cream, pop corn, chips, and sweet drinks like soda or tea. Any of these on your favorite list of before bed time snacks?? If however we eat a protein rich food just before bed our bodies will burn our stored fat all night for fuel! Examples of protein rich foods would be nuts, any meat, eggs, or beef jerky. A high protein replacement drink, is one of my favorites . Remember one third of our lives we can have our bodies burning fat instead of the snacks we have learned to crave. This one simple change will have a tremendous impact on how much fat we have on our bodies.

One other way I have found effective for losing weight is to replace one meal a day with a high protein meal replacement drink. The one I use is not based on soy or whey. Those two cause issues within the body. I rather choose a protein derived from peas. It should contains no dairy, soy, whey, gluten, lactose or GMO. It is even better if the drink contains probiotics, and prebiotics to optimize digestion. To learn more on what I do just click here.

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