I saw this on TV last night.

Nikken International – Nikken Irvine

I am an Independent Nikken Distributor and very proud of this fact. Nikken International was founded in Japan but opened a new 213,000 sq. Nikken building in Irvine, Ca in 1999 at a cost of $66 million. They paid cash and have no debt on the building to service. The building provided Nikken Irvine with a comfortable, stylish place in which to do business, plus an unexpected perk: It soon became a favorite filming location for Hollywood studios. The Nikken building is futuristic in appearance and is one of the most used buildings in California for movies, TV, and advertisements.

Nikken Building in Film

I grew up watching Star Trek on TV. I have always been fascinated by science fiction. I had been watching the trailers for the new TV show “No Ordinary Family”. I chose to watch this show last night over NCIS. I was in for a shock when I saw the Nikken building in several scenes of the show. It served as the office where the wife in the show worked….Global International. I did not find the “show” that good but I am now hooked on trying to catch a glimpse of Nikken International! Sorry NCIS.

I did a quick search on other films the Nikken building has been featured in. Nikken Irvine was an upscale gym in the 2004 movie “Dodgeball”, FBI’s Las Vegas headquarters in “Miss Congeniality II”, Thompson Land Development offices in the movie “You, Me, and Dupree”, and my favorite Stark Enterprises in the movie “Iron Man”. It also was featured in “Elisabethtown”, “Thank You For Smoking”, “The Informant”, “All About Steve”, “Transformers”, “The Astronaut Farmer”, and “Over the Top” and Cher did a music video here.

Nikken International

I have seen the Nikken Corp building on many episodes of TV shows and it is featured in a new Mercedes commercial that is running. I always ask people when I am out if they have ever heard of Nikken International. The answer is almost always no. It is curious to me that a company whose offices are featured so prominently in film is so unknown. I have embraced this company as my own. I could not be more proud to be a part of this organization. In today’s world many companies hide their name and what they do. I wear the name on my shirt, and have it proudly on my business card. I believe it to be the best business opportunity in the world today and a golden age is about to dawn on Nikken International and their distributors as the word Nikken becomes a household word synonymous with health and wellness here in the U.S.

Here you can learn more about Nikken International . If I have left out any Nikken building sightings please let us know!!

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9 Responses to I saw this on TV last night.

  1. It was easy to recognize the rotunda during the press conference in the first Iron Man movie but I had no idea that it had been used in so many other movies too. Maybe I should rent Transformers and see if I can spot it.

    You’re right, Nikken is a great company to be associated with, and not just because you can see their building in movies and TV shows. Great magnetic products and 35 years of success starting in Japan, a country known for focusing on health, not sickness.

  2. kevin says:

    that caught my eye too last night. my brother’s with Nikken and he had shown me a pic once of the headquarters building and i immediately recognized it in the No Ordinary Family premiere. i just googled it to see if anyone else had caught that and here i am.

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  4. Laura Samaniego says:

    l am also a Independent Consultant for NIKKEN No. America, I am always there every Saturday and Tuesdays it is such an awesome peaceful place to step into. I have already seen Ironman (the first one) and I am currently watching Elizabeth Town. This movie shows plenty of the NIKKEN bldg. So nice to be a part of growing company.

  5. Mark says:

    I drive by the Nikken building twice a day. They are used frequently for car commercials. For one Lexus commercial they replaced the Nikken sign with a giant Lexus sign. Sometimes they film the outside of the building, but more frequently I see them filming inside.

  6. Randy Rolfe says:

    Nikken is cutting edge in everything it does, not only with health and wellness and a stellar business model, but even with its building and its support of the local and regional economy. What a privilege to have discovered this company and to build it’s distributor base as an indepedet consultant.

  7. Dott says:

    The Nikken Building caught my eye tonight as I watched the Christmas movie “A Nanny For Christmas.” I recognized the building instantly as I drive by it twice a day on my way to and from work. I thought it was also interesting that some parts of the movie were filmed from inside the building, looking out across the beautiful grounds and across the 133 Tollroad to the hotel across the highway. I’ve driven by it many times while filming was taking place inside. Very interesting! It’s kind of exciting to see it in a movie.

  8. Patricia Rieger says:

    Just finish watching a Christmas movie called ” The 12 wishes of Christmas” and all of the office shots were filmed at Nikken. I love Nikken so much and I am always happy to see it in commercials and movies! I only live a half hour away and I always enjoy picking up my orders in person and visiting the their beautiful grounds and the pond. Merry Christmas 2013

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