Impending Economic Colaspe?

Impending Doom?


If one were prone to be dismayed, one would be dismayed. There exists a drumbeat of predictions of impending doom. In news broadcast, radio shows, and on Google only the worst is on the way. There is a choir of “Chicken Littles” each trying to chip louder than all the other chicks. It makes for good ratings. Folks with seasoning have heard before that “the sky is falling” and God willing will hear it again. No one knows what the future holds. “Do not be dismayed!” Refuse to waste energies with worry. Worry does not bring profit. Opportunities exist no matter what. If folks believe that bad things are about to transpire it will happen. When optimistic beliefs are held then good things will occur. “What ever you ask for in prayer will be given if you believe it is already there.” Stop focusing your energy on all the bad you believe is about to occur and believe “there are plans to prosper you”. The power of life is more powerful than “economic policies”, or “economic cliffs”. Lets all believe that only good things shall occur and they will. If just one person holds this same belief, that prayer will have more influence on economic prosperity than the Federal Reserve, and THE World Bank combined. A focusing of our collective minds is call action. In our prayers hold that prosperity and good health is a reality to everyone.

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