Increasing Your Bench Press

How Strong Are You

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The bench press has become the standard by which men judge their strength. No matter if you can squat 1,000 lbs or dead lift 1,500 if your bench press is not massive you will not be labeled “STRONG” by most folks in the gym. I wanted to give you my thoughts on how you can immediately see an increase in your bench by using one simple law of physics.

What Makes Your Bench Press Go Up

All skeletal muscles work the same. In most cases, you are born and will die with the same number of muscle fibers. They will lay dormant like the bags at Wal-Mart waiting to be filled. It always amazes me how those bags never seem to stop coming out of that small stack. In the case of muscle, they will be filled with mostly water. Only about 20% of the makeup of muscle is protein, the rest water. A muscle contraction is not so much unlike the engine in your car. Inside your car motor air and gasoline is mixed, compressed, then ignited with a spark. This combustion drives a piston through a cylinder, and this energy is then transferred to the wheels and it makes the car move. Inside the muscle the body mixes sugar, in the form of ATP, and oxygen it gets from the blood, then ignites it with an electrical impulse carried through the nerves and presto you have a muscular contraction. The degree of strength is largely determined by two factors, how many muscle fibers are stimulated and how intense the spark or ignition from the nervous system.

How to Increase Your Bench Press

Many weightlifters, and bodybuilders take creatine to improve their strength. Creatine does not actually increase strength. What creatine does is increase your bodies store of ATP. This increase store of energy gives you the potential to work harder and longer but this increase of ATP in and of itself does not increase strength. Nitrous Oxide is also widely used by weightlifters. Nitrous Oxide will expand the blood vessels and the theory goes that by expanding the size of blood vessels they will then be capable of carrying more oxygen to the muscle and thereby increasing the body’s ability to lift more weight. Here again there is a flaw in thinking in that Nitrous Oxide like Creatine does nothing to either increase the number of muscle fibers being stimulated or increase the nerve impulse coming to the fibers. I will agree if you have these two conditions present you have the potential for an increase in strength and stamina you are still lacking that one component that will make you stronger…..nerve firings. How many times has your car ever started without the spark plugs firing? The answer is zero.

How To Increase Nerve Firings

Just as the lights in your home have a hertz rating and so does the electrical energy in your body. The lights in your home if you are in the U.S. work off an AC current at 60 hertz. The nerves in your body work off a DC current at 7.8 hertz. The question becomes how do we get more 7.8 hertz energy into our bodies. There is a source and it is free, it is called “Earth”. That’s right the Earth has an iron core that is magnetized. This magnetic field that the Earth puts out day and night, day after day, and week after week is rated at, yeah you guessed it 7.8 hertz. Do you really think that is a coincidence? I believe the earth acts just like the charger of your cell phone. Only the Earth recharges the bodies of every living organism’s nervous system. It’s really not hard to prove. I routinely do strength tests on Nikken (7.8 hertz) shoe inserts, and people are always amazed at how much more resistance they have standing on Magsteps. The same thing holds true if you test their strength on the ground vs on concrete. Try it yourself. Test someone standing on the ground then do the same test on a concrete sidewalk. Email and let me know what you notice. If the earth recharges our nervous system how can we take that energy with us where ever we go? I have the same magnetic energy in the shoe inserts I wear that I would get from the earth if I were in contact with it’s surface and not insulated from it by concrete, pavement, or wrapped in my metal car. The change in your energy levels will be dramatic. In my gym all the guys swear these inserts have increased their bench press. I recommend the MStrides purely for the comfort.

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