Is the water your drinking good for you?

Nikken Water Filters Make Nikken Water Called Pimag

Today more and more people are becoming aware of how important the water they drink, cook and bath in is to their overall health. We are depending on our age 50% to 80% water. At birth we are all 80%+ water and as we age we will lose water until we find we’re only about 50% water after we reach 70. Aging is tied to a gradual drying out of our bodies. I for one wish to fight this symptom of aging and have found that drinking, cooking, and showering in Nikken water called Pimag to be my best line of defense. You can only get this Nikken water from Nikken water filters.

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Nikken Water Filter: Aqua Pour

Water molecules tends to cluster and sometimes the clusters are too large to be absorbed by the body, bottled water is a good example of water who’s clusters are too large to be easily absorbed by the body.  Nikken water filters pass the water through a magnetic field that will break these clusters down for easier absorption by the body.  Nikken water is slightly alkaline and salts and minerals have been added to Pimag water that will improve nerve conductivity up to 75% as shown in one study! It is also the best tasting water you will ever drink!  I have the under the counter (discontinued) and also the Waterfall or gravity flow systems.  All making water that is Pimag! I personally believe everyone should have a Waterfall system.  This system needs no plumbing.  What would you do if for whatever reason you could not get water from the tap how would you provide clean water for yourself and your family?  With the Waterfall you just add water and gravity does the rest, it adds mineralization to the water it so that it is ready for consumption.  We should all have one of these units “just in case”.


Waterfall gravity system

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