You Will Never Lose Your Fat Belly Unless….

If you have a belly, commonly called a beer belly chances are your liver is not functioning at full capacity. In order to lose fat you have to get your liver functioning properly to accelerate your fat burning efforts. Your liver has 2 primary functions, cleaning toxins out of your body and burning fat. Most people will not give a second thought to cleaning toxins and are only concerned with fat loss. Many people pass the age of 35 with excess fat in the abdominal area have a “fatty liver”. The liver has stopped burning fat and has instead turned into a fat storing organ. It has become enlarged and swollen with greasy deposits of fatty tissue. People with a fatty liver will not be able to lose weight until they first improve liver function. The liver is the organ in the body most responsible for regulation of stored fat, get the liver in shape and you can eat good food again and still lose weight! How can you get your liver to focus on burning off tons of fat? I will try and cover this topic today.

In the previous paragraph I told you the liver has two jobs. One is cleaning out the toxins in the body. If you are overloading your body with toxins the liver shuts down it’s fat burning chores in an attempt to keep the body free of toxins. The best thing you can do to keep this from happening is not put the toxins in, in the first place. What are some of the worse toxins? Here is a short list: artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, margarine, soft drinks, Gatorade, fast foods (loaded with MSG), and any processed food. If you stay away from this list you are on your way to cleaning your liver and losing fat. A good rule of thumb is you can eat almost anything that has only one ingredient. Read the packaging labels of the foods your buying. If there are ingredients listed you can’t pronounce or do not know what they are put it back on the shelf. Here is a list of foods that will help your liver to become the fat burning organ it was meant to be: Real butter, whole eggs, olive oil, avocados, any unprocessed fruit or vegetable and raw nuts. You have to keep your diet rich in fiber in order to cleanse and maintain a healthy liver. If you are a woman on hormone replacement therapy ask you doctor about using patches instead of pills. In that way the hormones will not have to pass directly through the liver. If you are on oral hormone replacement your liver’s ability to process fat is compromised.

The easiest way I believe to start your detox program for your liver is to consume a Maqui berry drink. The Maqui berry grows in Chile in South America and will detox the liver naturally. I keep my liver healthy by drinking just 1 oz per day. It has also been found in studies that taking artichoke, and sarsaparilla will detox the liver. I also take a liver support formula containing artichoke, and sarsaparilla. I take three capsules a day. Can you get the same results eating artichokes and sarsaparilla? Yes but who want to do that everyday? “In a double-blind study of sixty people with alcohol-related diseases (damaged livers), 70% had normalized their liver enzymes after only 30 days’ usage of our Liver Formula in therapeutic doses (3 capsules twice each day). This Bio-Directed Liver is very important for every one to take.” From a copyrighted article published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Date: 12/1/2002, by author: Dr. Charles Cochran. Read the entire article
“A decrease in cirrhosis of the liver”

Your liver and thyroid gland are the keys to fat and belly loss. Unless you address these two first you will always struggle with weight loss no matter how many calories you count. Read my article “Your Shower Will Make You Fat”. In summary get your thyroid gland in shape by limiting your exposure to chlorine and fluoride, and get your liver in shape to process fat and you will see the fat loss you have been wanting. What do you have to lose but 20 lbs or so?

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