Losing Weight Truths

We all talk about losing weight.
We all want to lose weight. It is and has been the number one New Years resolution for many years. I am struck by just how uninformed people are about what it take to lose weight. Gaining and losing weight is dependent on several variables I will try and give you a short overview here.

1.) How many calories you consume vs how many calories you burn. This is the most important aspect to losing weight. The number of calories you put in is the easiest variable to change. You must count all calories in everything you eat and drink. Most people will lose 6 to 12 pounds by just switching to drinking nothing but water. Soda, juice, milk, beer, tea, Gatorade all have calories not to mention other health robbing properties. Water has no calories and you can drink as much as you want. Your body will not store water as fat. Remember there are two sides of this equation. You can increase the number of calories you burn. Again easy to do. I recommend small changes. You can always add as you go. Walking is hard to beat to increase calories burned. You burn the same number of calories walking a mile as you do running a mile. The number of calories you burn can be expressed in an equation: body weight x distance = calories burned. A good rule of thumb is a 180 pound person walking or running a mile will burn 100 calories. If you weight less you will burn less more and you burn more.

calories burned per minute

2.) It takes 3,500 calories to add or lose a pound of fat. It only take about 600 calories to add or lose a pound of muscle. The reason is muscle is mostly water 3/4s and fat is mostly fat 3/4s. Bodybuilders and weightlifters consume huge quantities of food in an effort to put on muscle when in truth it takes far less than they consume.

3.) If I eat protein can I put on fat? The answer is a simple yes. Fat is stored food. The body will store food in the form of fat no matter if you put in carbohydrates, fat or protein. The body can only assimilate at most 10 grams per hour. I know of guys that will consume upwards or 100 grams immediately following their training. They have succumbed to the propaganda put out by those that sell protein powder. All the protein they consume above 10 grams either will be stored in the body as fat or deposited in the septic system.

4.) You can consume more calories if you eat 6 to 8 small meals vs 2 or 3 large meals and not gain weight. This is true. The body is made so that it will preserve itself. If you eat many small meals the body believes food is plentiful and will not strive to sore as much food in the form of fat. If you eat 1 meal a day it will think just the opposite, that food is scarce and will store almost everything you put into it in the form of fat.

5.) If you eat before bedtime your body will store it as fat. This is simply not true. The biggest variable here is what kind of food. If you eat carbs your body will burn these carbs for fuel throughout the night. If you consume protein your body will burn body fat all night. I believe the best source of protein before bedtime is nuts. High in fibre and they keep you full. Sleeping is also the time the body heals and recuperates and it will use the protein in the nuts to rebuild muscle. The oil in the nuts will burn slowly and keep you full.

6.) It does not take a big change in your diet and activities to lose a lot of weight. Do not try and lose the weight quickly. A 500 calorie change a day will result in a pound of weight being lost every week. That’s 4 to 5 pounds a month. That’s both healthy and sustainable. That means if you will do the 500 calorie change now you you will have lost 20 ponds by May when you will be getting out your shorts and bathing suit. It will be worth it. That can be a 250 calorie reduction and a 250 calorie increase in activity. Simple and you be healthier and look better for the change.

I hope this will help in your quest to lose weight. If you have questions fill free to email me.

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