How I lost 16 pounds in 10 days!

How I lost 16 pounds in 10 days!


This past winter I had gained weight. I started February 1st on a mission to lose weight. It went well for a time as I watched my weight drop from 200 pounds to 195 after a couple of weeks. Sadly I relaxed my resolve and by April 1st my weight had blossomed to 201. More than I started! Something had to be done! So on April 7th I decided to take drastic action. I started the “Master Cleanse”! I was determined to last 10 days and not to cheat. So on the evening of April 7th I weighed (200) and drank my first cup of “tea”. Note: You can have all the clean water you want on the cleanse and it is recommended to help carry toxins away from the body. I strongly recommend only PiMag water. Get a Waterfall!

Let me explain the three prong plan of the “Master Cleanse”.

1.) Each evening drink a cup of herbal tea. I used a product I bought at Ingles called “Smooth Move” or as I called it “POO-POO tea”. It is described on the package as a “herbal Stimulant Laxative”. The taste is sweet and grassy. It’s not bad and you will come to look forward to the sweet taste. I do warn you not to let the tea steep too long. The longer it steeps the stronger the tea, and it can cause cramping. Something I learned the hard way. It will prompt you to rise early the next day to vist the toilet. I used only PiMag water for my tea and recommend you insist on the same. Mine came from the new Nikken Waterfall. It’s very affordable and every household should have one.

2.) Each morning first thing, do a salt water flush. This is by far the most difficult part of the program. I took a quart jar, added 2 tablespoons of sea salt, and filled the jar with pimag water from the Waterfall. I would have to drink the quart salt water flush (SWF) as quickly as possible all the while resisting my gag reflex. I will not lie, the SWF was very difficult. I kept counting the days and as soon as one was completed I would say to myself one less SWF to go. Over the course of the 10 days I did not do the flush on the 7th day. To do the SWF you must remain close to the toilet for about an hour. The idea is the mixture is close to sea water and can not be absorbed by the body. It will go straight through you and clean any remaining material in your colon.

3.) Lemonade. The recipe for the lemonade for the cleanse is as follows. In a quart jar place 8 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 8 tablespoons of Maple Syrup class B. (real maple syrup not maple flavored syrup) fill the quart jar with PiMag water from your Waterfall. I mixed mine in the morning before the SWF and placed the quart in the Fridge. I pour my lemonade into a glass several times a day. Prior to drinking I would add Cayenne Pepper to taste. The first day I would add very little pepper but by day 10 I surprised myself at just how much of the pepper I could add without noticing the taste. The lemonade is good!! You will miss it after your 10 days are up. I only drank one quart of lemonade a day as I wanted weight loss. If your only interested in the cleansing you can double your lemonade to two quarts to avoid weight loss. I drank only this from April 8th to April 17th.


I went from 200 pounds to 184 pounds in 10 days. That’s a weight loss of 16 pounds. I have been told many times I was full of “it”, but I do not believe anyone is carrying around 16 pounds of fecal material in their colon. It is true however that even after 10 day without any solid foods there was still solid material being passed. I believe there was a great loss of swelling from all over my body to account for the weight loss. The swelling is most noticeable in your abdomen. You will, in most cases, have a very flat tummy after 10 days.

I had injured my right knee jumping off my tractor and the injury had lingered for months. Within 4 days of the cleanse the knee pain was completely gone! I personally believe there is a corresponding loss of acidic fluid buildup. I also noticed all my joints, shoulder, elbow, knee felt tighter and stronger. I believe this was a result of a loss of acidic fluid.

I missed one day of training with weights while I was on the cleanse. I used the same weights and had tremendous energy while on the cleanse. You would expect a loss in energy but I found the opposite to be true. When the body is not using energy to digest food you will find that energy available for other activities.

I had a dull headache for 3 days. I believe this a result of giving up a two pot daily coffee habit cold turkey.

My senses were very sharp. For some reason going without solid food has a sharpening effect on the senses. I could smell peanuts that were under my recliner. I thought it was my imagination to begin with but upon inspection there was peanuts that had been dropped under the chair. Perfumes, deodorants, hair sprays become noxious and offensive to the nose. You will actually taste the smells of these products when you smell them. My thinking too became very clear, almost of a meditation state. My memory seemed very sharpe and I found it easy to recall names and information. I do not know if it was my mind or my eyes but colors seemed cleaner, and crisper while on the cleanse.

I believe that any diet should be started with this cleanse. It would have been to difficult to diet with the accumulation of fluid and fecal material in your body. If instead you began with the cleanse you will get rid of all the unwanted stuff in your body, heal your colon so any diet you put yourself on will be more successful. I immediately follower the cleanse with 2 days of Kensen Vital Balance Meal Replacement. It’s a whole food meal replacement, that’s loaded with pre and post biotic enzymes. I wanted to make sure any loss of beneficial enzymes in my gut were replaced.

In conclusion i have found my cleanse to be beneficial in so many ways. My knee pain is gone, my stomach is flat, and I find I need less food than before. I have also noticed I do not get winded so easily as I did before the cleanse. So far 11 days later I have gained less than 2 pounds of my weight back. I still want to get down to 180 and have plans to use the Vital Balance to continue to loss the rest of my weight. If you have any questions about the cleanse I suggest you visit the site: or give me a call.

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