Make Me Money

Make Me Money

MAKE ME MONEY is the most often given instructions from men, and women among entrepreneurs and internet marketers. The title says it all. There have been songs written about it, wars fought over it and still we all hear the cry “MAKE ME MONEY”. I will endeavor to clear some of the clatter and explain clearly and without fail how you can make money.

If you google “make money” you will receive about 776,000,000 results in about .22 seconds. That’s double the population of the US. Two results for every man woman and child alive in the US. Think people are interested? There are more people that ever before searching for a new and improved way of making their fortune. The more things change the more they say the same. “Make me money” prompted an exodus of people from Europe to the “New World”, pushed the US expansion westward, and lured a generation of families off their farms and into the cities during the industrial revolution at the turn of the last century. If only there were a road sign pointing a clear way.

I have often heard people remark if only they had been around during other times to prosper of the changes that took place. How clearly one can see the past all the while ignoring the present. Today not only in this country but in the world there is the deafening sounds of people throwing off the old business models and going with the new. There is a new “gold rush” occurring today just as surely as it did is California in 1849, and riches are being bestowed to those astute enough to recognize the trends and take advantage of them. Today people are not searching for silver or gold but rather for “home based businesses”.

Inc., Forbes, Newsweek, etc., etc. are filled with statistics and analysis of how more people than ever before in history are seeking a business opportunity they can run from home. Today anyone with a computers, smart phones, cell phones, software programs, and a desire to have freedom, coupled with a willingness to learn can have and be anything that they desire. But what must one do to start on this road to “make me money”?

The first thing is you must remove doubt from your thinking. If you doubt you can do something it’s a sure sign that you cannot do something. You must open your mind to the endless possibilities that presents itself. Forget about how fortunes have been made. What works today is not what worked 20 years ago or even 10. You have to be willing to learn what is working now. Find a mentor and a team. Without these two crucial parts the whole will not work. We all need someone holding our hand when first we began to walk. Without that support when you fall, and you will, you might not get up and try again. When we fall and are supported by others around us we become stronger and more powerful than when we are alone. Today we have a clear choice of “do” or “do not”. With so much bad news on the economy it would be easy to “do not”. I perceive this bad news as opportunity and for one chose “do”. Make me Money!!!! It will be a great ride!! Get on board.

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