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A friend of mine called and was so excited that he was on Buddy Johnny’s list. He was going to make millions now that he was a lion on the list. I listened and then explained what this “list” is for. There are ads everywhere to teach you how to build a fortune online. In reality this has nothing to do with wealth creation or making money. It is a way to get YOUR money. The list is quite simply a group to market to. It is no different than those that walk into the local Wal-Mart. Once inside Wally World you are bombarded with temptations of things you really do not need in an effort to separate you from your money. It is the same with being on a list. Once on the list you will be “funneled”. What does that mean? First you were given “free” stuff to get your information. Then your tempted to spend money on ever increasingly expensive goods or services. The first attempt will be made to sell you a program or information that cost $10 to $50. Those that bite on this first temptation will be funneled to the next offer of $100 to $500. Next it’s the$1,000 to $3,000 temptations. Are you seeing the pattern here? Then those poor souls that are left from the “list” will be soaked for $10,000 to $20,000 or more for you to “be” in their inner circle. Here’s the rub, most of this material is not even the person’s your paying. That’s right they are selling you Joe Blow’s program and they will make a percentage from the sales. You never ever are in contact with the self proclaimed top “Guru” of internet marketing.
There is never a real product that transfers hands, only electronic “information”. The truth is there is so much information available for free you never need to be on one of these marketing list. Search out for someone that is offering a real product or service and is building a list of customers and like minded entrepreneurs and learn from them. Find a product or group of products you believe in and “market” them online and in “real” life. Do not waste your time on the latest scheme for building a “400 lead a day automatic no need to work program”. These programs will not enrich you only the folks selling them. If someone has been “kicked off” of some site shouldn’t you wonder why? Why put time and effort into a plan that is so dependent on the decisions made by one site or group. There are legit people that are looking for real people that want to market online. Seek them out, look at their products and if there is a fit, join their team and get busy. Remember it only takes a handful of people working in synergy to create a huge organization. We do not need 400 leads a day! Do you really want to spend that much time in front of the computer screen? One good prospect or customer is much better than 400 leads looking to get rich quick. The money is out there. Let’s make money, not spend money. Let’s invest in our business not throw money at the feet of self professed “gurus”.

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  1. There is value to being on the right lists, but you do have to be careful that you are on one that is giving value, not hype. Since I know you, I know people will receive good information about how to make money with Nikken and network marketing by joining your list. The same with mine. Other people’s list are going to bombard people with affiliate offers. If there is value between the various offers then it might still be valuable to be on the list, or maybe not. Personally, I think it is a good idea to join a list. I also think that it is appropriate to unsubscribe from a list that isn’t providing value.

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