“A Nanny For Christmas”

filmed at Nikken World HeadquartersI admit I am a sucker for Christmas movies. A Miracle on 42nd Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, even all the cartoons hold a special place in my heart. I have been known to get emotional while watching any movie. My kids still kid me because I cried when we watched the Disney movie “Kars” in the theater! Hey there were some very touching scenes in that movie….

I was home today, Christmas Day, flipping through the channels and caught the beginning of a new movie just released this year called “A Nanny For Christmas”. I do not know if it was fate or just the fact that I love Christmas movies, but I lay on the couch, toasty warm underneath a far-infrared blanket and watched the entire show. 🙂 One twist of the movie was a rewrite of a famous Christmas poem “Twas a Night Before Christmas”, that sounds familiar… I know you might want to know the stars, Emmanuelle Vaugier, (Superman) Dean Cain, Richard Ruccolo, and Cynthia Gibb but for me there was a star in the movie of a different type. You see of all the scenes in the movie, I’d say 50% or more where filmed at Nikken World Headquarters. While I have yet to get to visit the home office I relished at getting to see parts and vantage points of the building I had never seen. I saw friend’s and business associates’ pictures hanging on the wall in the lobby of the building. I wrote a post earlier entitled “I saw This Last Night On TV” and now I see that post will have to updated on a regular basis. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and if your looking for a cute movie you can watch with the kids, check out “A Nanny for Christmas”, and remember the building your seeing is filmed at the world leader in sickness prevention, Nikken World Headquarters….

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