Nikken Air Wellness Traveler Sale

Nikken Air Wellness Traveler Sale

Nikken has announced a sale on the air wellness traveler! In their continuing efforts to make the wellness home more affordable the Wellness Traveler has been reduced to just $79 for one or $199 for three! Great for your car or for a small room. Runs off AC or your cars DC power source! Fits on the back of the front seat.

nikken traveler air filter

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  1. I am interested in purchasing the air purifier wellness traveler. I have looked into the 2 versions, (the bigger one which is the power 5) or the smaller one. Have you had much experience with both? What I’m wondering is the power of the smaller on a one room, acupuncture treatment room, when I have smoke going from moxibustion, to clear the smell out. In your opinion, how will the traveler model do?

    • barnlofter says:

      Nikken offers three alternatives for you to chose from. The Air Traveler which is for a small room, up to 172 sq ft. it will also run off the 12 volt system in your car or truck. The Power Pro 5 which covers 387 sq ft. And the newest addition to air filtration from Nikken the Kenkoair purifier which covers 313 sq ft.

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