What is a Nikken Business?

Nikken Business

I was asked this week just what is a Nikken business. When I am posting blogs online about Nikken or their products I sometimes lose site that most people will not understand the basics of how a Nikken business and the Nikken business opportunity works. Can someone make money having a Nikken business and is it hard to do? I will try and answer these questions as briefly as I can.

Getting Started

To start a Nikken business you first have to sign up as a distributor. As a distributor you can purchase all products at wholesale and sell them at retail. This is no different from any other retailer like Wal-mart or Belks. You as a distributor are assigned a distributor number and login password to an online office. From this office you can place orders, track orders, and keep up with all your business transactions. You can take four major credit cards from your customers, Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and American Express, to pay for these orders and Nikken will ship the order directly to the customer. You will never be expected by Nikken to keep products on hand to sell. This will all cost you $35 bucks. Amazing that you can start a business and have 200+ products to sell for just $35 + tax, and shipping and handling. I pay an extra $15 a month and have an online catalog for my customers to browse information and products and place orders. The site has paid for itself every month since I have had it.

Building a Nikken Business

Some people are content just to buy the products at wholesale. Some people I know are satisfied to sell products at retail, both online and off and make the difference in the retail markup. If you are industrious you can sponsor other people that want to build and have their own business. Nikken will pay you up to 22% rebate on not only everything you sell but everything they sell as well. It becomes your responsibility to train these newly sponsored folks and make sure they are making money from their Nikken business. If they make money so will you. It becomes a beautiful thing. Once you have become a senior distributor, go to a class, and pass a very easy online test, you can sponsor people in any of the nearly 40 countries Nikken does business in. A senior distributor is anyone that has had $1,500 in volume in any calendar month. It is much easier than you think in that it is not just the sales you make but your sales added to the sales of everyone you have sponsored. I am well past this level and can sponsor and work with folks in any of the countries Nikken does business in. I wish to have distributors and business builders in every country Nikken is in. If you are reading this and interested contact me today!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Nikken opportunity or want to know how I will help you to develop a business so you can earn extra money, contact me at barnlofter@hotmail.com or call me at 706-654-7550.

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  1. Hey Gary. The Nikken PWP is $14.95 US a month. Other than that, you are absolutely right about building the Nikken business, especially building it online. By being online you can attract people from your own country plus all of the other countries that Nikken is in. I think one of the greatest benefits to doing this if finding all of these people all over the world who are as passionate about wellness as I am.

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