The End of The Nikken Eye Mask

The End of The Nikken Eye Mask

The last month there have been few days that passed that did not have someone calling, texting, or emailing a request to purchase the Nikken Eye Mask. The post “A Cure for Wrinkles” posted last year was about the Eye mask.

Sadly Nikken discontinued the Elastomag line which includes the eye mask a few months back and no more will be available. I have written several blogs on the Elastomag products. I would have never looked at Nikken twice had it not been for the Elastomag Shoulder Wrap. I have two and will not sell either. I do hope that is not a medical claim…….

I have heard rumors and rumblings that Nikken pulled Elastomag to make way for improvement and innovation to the line. I will keep my ears open and as soon as I hear any news I will pass it along.

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  1. Hey Gary. The new sleep mask (or eye mask if you prefer) is supposed to be available on August 1, less than a week from now. I have heard rumors that there are new wraps coming to replace the Elastomag wraps. I don’t know anything for certain. I’m hoping we will hear something from the Nikken convention in October.


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