Has Nikken Grown?

Nikken.com is Nikken’s online personal web page for distributors in the United States and Canada. It gives distributors the option of sending prospective customers and team members to an online catalog to view products, prices and information concerning Nikken technologies. The popularity of the Nikken site I believe is indicative of the growth in interest and indeed the growth of Nikken itself.

Is Nikken A Scam?

Is Nikken a scam? I am a curious person. I have degrees in Physics and Finance. It makes me somewhat of a numbers cruncher. I enjoy checking and viewing stats and how they change over time. As the old saying goes “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring.” The last couple of days I have been looking at the the growth of interest in Nikken or lack there of. I have used as my measuring stick the website www.Alexa.com. Alexa is a snapshot of how many visitors a website gets coming to their site. They keep an in-dept analysis of visitor demographics on all websites ranking in the top 100,000. Alexa is like a survey it is a measure of a smaller group in an effort to reflect what a group as a whole is doing. One can go to the Alexa site and type in the web address of any website and gather this information. I offer the following information and analysis of what I have gathered concerning Nikken.
Alexa ranking of Nikken 01-14-2011The above image is what I found when checking Nikken today, Jan. 14, 2011. It is a snapshot of interest as of yesterday. As you can see Nikken has a global ranking of 51,596 and a ranking in the U.S. of 13,496. What this means is that globally there are 51,595 sites that have been more popular with internet users over the last 3 months than Nikken. This post gives you further information of the demographics of who comes to this site.visitors to Nikken.com

Nikken Demographics

Here we see the demographics breakdown of just who visits Nikken in the U.S. and Canada. The breakdown is by age, education, gender, children, and viewing location. If the graph is in the green it means more than an average number of visitors came from this group, red means fewer came. As you can see the largest group is over 45, female, browsing from home with some college education. I can not say for sure but I would guess the same holds true in every country. I believe this is a great tool each of us can use in our own business building efforts. If you know where the fish are it is much easier to catch fish. I will offer one observation. I believe most marketing efforts over the last 10 years has been targeting this group of folks. It could be that this is why the numbers are the way they are. I further believe that one can be and will be wildly successful targeting the 25 to 45 yr old age group. With the advent of the internet and smart phones if you adapt your marketing efforts towards this group success will follow. We have yet to see what can be accomplished using modern technology to build a Nikken business.

How nikken ranks by country

Nikken Rankings By Country

Nikken Rank By Country

Of all the information out there about Nikken I found this bit of information the most interesting. Nikken is the online catalog for the U.S. and Canada. One would expect it to rank well in these two countries. Nikken has however crossed the border and does very well in these countries even though there is a Nikken site for each marketing group. The site for Russia for example is www.Nikkenru.com. You can visit the catalog of Russia by visiting this site. I can not read it but I can visit.

Nikken has grown

Growth of Nikken Over Two Years

Is Nikken Growing?

This graph holds the key to the information I have been searching for. It’s great to know where you are but I am more interested in where we have been and in what direction we are headed and why. Here you see how the popularity of Nikken has progressed over the last two years. Alexa does not graph sites that do not rank in the top 100,000. The bottom of this graph is a ranking of 100,000 and as you can see Nikken has dipped below this line many times over the last 2 years. In late September, or early October Nikken ranking went above this 100,000 Mendoza Line if you will and has not looked back. This is indicative of a company that is growing. Based on the incline of the line I would say Nikken is growing at an accelerating pace. As you can see Nikken has improved it’s 3 month ranking by 15,821 and it’s one month ranking 9,261. This is an incredible accomplishment. Nikken continues to improve it’s ranking while the internet audience has grown tremendously because of smart phones. Five times as many people own internet capable phones as own computers! I can offer this as an observation. Nikken has had a new management team in place for a little over a year. It takes at least that long for changes they have implemented to show up in the growth of Nikken. I feel the management team has us headed in the right direction, towards unprecedented growth. There is an increasing number of Nikken distributors that are attempting to have an online presence. My own Nikken online journey started with my first blog post on August 15th 2010. I am one of hundreds that have come online over the last 3 months or so driving traffic back to our online Nikken catalog to educated, market, and build our Nikken business and more are coming online everyday. I believe this army is the driving force behind the increased interest in Nikken. I see the future of Nikken as being online.

Nikken Conclusion

I have been long winded this morning but this is important information every Nikken distributor or anyone considering building a Nikken business needs to know. I hope it will help you in building your Nikken business. Visit Nikken.com if you like. If you read and enjoy this post please share and leave a comment.

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