How Nikken Saved Christmas – A Poem

Twas the Night before Christmas, but there was no cheer,
No Jingle bells jingled, no sound of reindeer.
The word had got out, that Santa was hurting,
This news from poor Santa was quite disconcerting.

The people were all sad, no celebrations sounded,
Christmas was coming, but Santa was grounded.
Poor Santa was suffering, and could not find relief,
He had toys to deliver or would lose all belief.

Santa was not ready to bid Christmas adieu,
But had tried every treatment that ol Santa knew.
He gave out an edict to all at the North Pole,
Finding Santa relief was everyone’s goal.

There had to be something that they had not tried,
It had to be quick for Santa to make his big ride.
One after another they came with their stuff,
But nothing helped Santa, it just wasn’t enough.

Santa’s knees they were hurting and his shoulder too,
There had to be something, some tincture or brew.
If You’ll take a look at the size of this pack,
Can you just imagine what it’s done to my back?

When one wise ol elf with the given name Isom,
Approached dear Ol Santa and said if you buy some.
I’ve heard that magnets are good for your hurts,
I’ve heard they’re amazing if they have the right hertz.”

There’s only one place, that I know of for certain,
That has what you need for all you have hurtin.
It’s a place called Nikken but it’s not in the stores,
It’s better than that as they’ll come to our doors.

Their stuff sure sounds strange when it comes to my ear,
But if they will just work they could save Christmas cheer.
Bring me their magnets,and far infrared too,
Negative ions and to be sure those things for my shoe.

Santa needed immediate help, He’d no time to wait,
But in just a few minutes he began to feel great.
Santa’s cheeks became rosy, they started to glow,
And a healthy Kris Kringle was rarin’ to go.

Santa shouldered his pack all filled with their toys,
His heart overflowing with true Christmas Joys.
As he mounted his sled he was heard to proclaim,
I now believe in Nikken, and all that they claim!

His sleigh gave a lunge, as it took to the sky,
And away they all flew as Santa winked with one eye.
But I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.”

til next time,

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3 Responses to How Nikken Saved Christmas – A Poem

  1. Ruth M. Kent says:

    Alittle long but great and thank you I plan to share.

  2. Peter Loong says:

    Hi Gary! Very nice reading! Nikken products has helped me a lot since I started to use them.I perform much better in sports and I recover much quicker after a motocross race or a tennis game.

    Keep up the good writing!
    Peter Loong

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