Nikken Tater Test

Nikken Tater Test

Nikken water test

This water experiment was performed by Dr. Chad Nielson. He used, from left to right, tap water, reverse osmosis water, well water, and Nikken’s PiMag water. The water in each container was changed out weekly with fresh water. The sweet potatoes were organically grown and were approximately the same size at the beginning. The experiment went for 5 weeks from beginning to the time the pictures were taken.

I never get tired of seeing this picture. It is an example of what can happen to the cells in our bodies. It is our choice, do you want to thrive or would your prefer one of the other choices. Look how the tap and reverse osmosis water dehydrated the potatoes. These choices of hydration will do the same thing in the human body.

If you want to learn how to drink and shower with healthy water go here!

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  1. Imagine what drinking pure alkaline water can do for our energy levels. Anyone can do this experiment and see the results. Getting hydrated and flushing out the toxins that are in our cells are the two most important things we can do for our health. Thanks for the great information!

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