Nikken Video Bloging 101

How To Build a Nikken Business: Video Blogging 101

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I am a Nikken Distributor and I am using video blogging to help me to build my Nikken business. I believe it is possible to build a Nikken business online. I have made videos to post on my website in order to convey information. I’ve had several folks email me and want to know how I was able to make recordings from my computer screen. Here I show you exactly what I do and best of all all the tools I tell you about in this video are FREE!! I do want to include the links here for those that may find it difficult to locate the tools or sites I use. Her you can find Camstudio, and here is the link to Youtube. I use a headset and microphone combination I paid $5 US for from a store near me called Big Lots. As you can see for a cash outlay of around $5 bucks you can be video blogging too!! I hope this helps if you have any questions or want my help do not hesitate to contact me. If your interested in having a Nikken business then shoot me am email and let’s get started!! (There is a list of the countries we can work in on this link.)

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