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I love to explore and dig for information. I found myself checking out Nikken websites from around the world. I was surprised to find marketing units outside North America had Nikken products I had never heard of and others that we formally sold here and I dearly miss (Elastomag). I found it time consuming and unhandy to find the websites and wondered if others might be as curious as me. I’ve put together this drop down box above which list every country and territory Nikken does business in. By clicking any county a link will take you to that country’s Nikken website. I was surprised at the many different supplements and skin care products there is in Nikken around the world. Israel has Jewelry I’ve never seen. Russia has 2 pages of Jewelry and I definitely want some of those furry far infrared socks they sell in Great Britain. I have no idea what many of those gizmos from Nikken Japan are for but would like to learn (?BioBeam?, ?TeraHertz?). Most of the sites are in other languages, Singapore is in English, but many have an English translation tab you can click. Hope someone enjoys.

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  1. vanessa says:

    I am interested in buying a Pigmag filter in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.
    Please, let me know your Nikeen counselor here.
    Thank you!

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