Professional Athletes, Enhancing Drugs, & Nikken

Alex Gonzalez - Now shortstop for the Atlanta Braves with Nikken FIR elbow wrap

Professional Athletes & Enhancing Drugs

It has been much reported in the news about professional athletes, and the use of performance enhancing drugs. One look at a baseball game this past season and one realizes that much progress has been made in cleaning up the game of baseball from these enhancing performance drugs. Athletes will never stop searching for an edge whether they be pros or weekend warriors. I am delighted at the move away form sports enhancing drugs and towards natural enhancers that have no adverse side effects.

Professional Athlete & Nikken

Nikken is a company started in Japan in 1975. It has been a world leader in natural products that will give you more energy and promote health both for yourself and your family. These products unique athlete enhancing properties have not gone unnoticed by professional athletes. There is a steadily growing list of professional athletes that are using these products on and off the playing venue to both inhance their performance and promote recuperation. I have seen first hand at how Nikken Magstrides can turn a boy into a man on the high school wrestling mat. What a great thing it is to be able to recommend a natural product that has such a profound effect on athletic performance. Don’t just believe me here are some quotes form well know athletes.

“One of the greatest hitters of his era, Tony Gwynn retired from baseball amid much fanfare this past season, but one secret was left unspoken: How did he manage to remain one of the world’s best players in his 40’s? That secret was Nikken. Gwynn first began using Nikken products several years ago, after being introduced to them by former St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Ozzie Smith, and upon the urging of his wife Alicia. “I feel great,” said Gwynn, who finally hung up his San Diego Padres uniform for the last time at age 41. “Everyone else was shocked by how well I was running and feeling. This is the best my knees have felt in probably five years.””

“A number of our players and staff have been using the products and have reported positive feelings from them. Personally, I have found significant results from using the special insoles in my shoes on game day. During game day, we are on our feet all day long. Before using the insoles, by the end of day my feet were very tired and sore. I started using the insoles in my shoes and after the first game I noticed immediate results. Now, by the end of the game I have not noticed any feeling of tired and sore feet.” – Steve Antonopulos Head Athletic Trainer for The Denver Broncos

“I’d broken 16 bones in my body and had shoulder surgery. I broke six bones in each foot, and my rotator cuff was killing me. A friend offered an answer. He was so excited about these Nikken products that I decided to start using them. I found an enormous amount of relief, and eventually I became a distributor myself. … I know I wouldn’t even be playing golf now if not for Nikken. It’s been unbelievable. Truly an amazing thing.”
– JOHNNY BENCH Hall of Fame Catcher, Cincinnati Reds

“My biggest success was always my ability to surround myself with outstanding people. I wouldn’t be with Nikken if it wasn’t a winner. Frankly, when I heard that Zig Ziglar had researched the company and decided to merge his own business into Nikken, I knew it was OK. Nikken has really turned my motor on. The number one reason is that I feel it will help a lot of people.” – HAYDEN FRY, Former University of Iowa Football Coach

“We really like that Nikken comforter. My wife and I use that every day.” – JHOON RHEE, Grand Master, “The Father of American Tae Kwon Do”

“If I go out and put Nikken products in the hands of people in the golf world, I’ll sign them up, but I don’t think of it as a business. I think of it as sharing. If it works for me, it’s going to work for other people, so I’ll share it with them. If it grows into a business for me, great, that’s just an extra bonus. I’m doing it for the health aspects. It’s pretty exciting.” – TOM KALINOWSKI, Pro Golfer

“My wife introduced me to Nikken, and as a result of using the products every day for the last five years, never in my life have I felt better, slept better and had more energy. ¡I started by sharing them with players I was coaching with the California Angels. I’ve been on a mission ever since to share these products with everybody. You’re going to see a tremendous explosion within the professional sports industry. It’s also going to grow tremendously in the college and high school programs, to where these products will be a household name within a few years. And that’s terribly exciting.” – JOHN MORRIS, Former St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder

I could go on and on but you get the idea. Check out this partial list on athletes using Nikken Products!

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