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Foot Pain – Runners Foot – Infrared Socks

Foot Pain from RunningPeople that run or hike will often have foot pain often called runners foot. Pain in your feet can be the result of several issues. we will examine several problems and offer suggestions to help alleviate some of your problems today.

New research by Harvard scientists has shown that people who run barefoot, as people have done for millions of years, often land on their feet in a way that avoids a jarring impact. Unfortunately for most of us it is almost impossible to run or hike without shoes. There are things we can do to help alleviate some of the more common causes of foot pain.

1. Blisters – Blisters are so common among runners yet there is such a simple solution I sometimes wonder why we get them in the first place. Blisters are caused when our feet sweat, heat up then rub repeatedly over one area of our skin. The blisters can be high on the ankles or underneath the foot. Once blisters have arrived there isn’t much that can be done except taking time off and allowing them to heal. No runner or hiker wants to take time off. It’s just not in an athletes makeup. There is a simple solution to not getting blisters in the first place. Infrared socks. What? Infrared socks are socks that have woven into the fabric infrared ceramic fibers. These fibers will cool your feet when they are hot and warm your feet when they are cool. They will wick heat and moisture away from your feet and into the surrounding air. The fabric was actually developed by NASA for space suits. Recently people with diabetes wear them to prevent blisters. Due to the decrease in circulation and an unwillingness of their blisters to heal even a small blister for a diabetic is a major concern. If infrared socks will prevent blisters why get them? One word of caution, do not bleach your infrared socks. The chlorine in the bleach will destroy the ceramic fibers. Infrared Socks will run you about $20 a pair. Well worth the cost to prevent blisters.

2. Foot Injury – This would include but not be limited to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and stress fractures. Let me say nothing will prevent all these issues from happening but when they do there is one tried and true device that will speed and promote healing. Magnetic insoles for your shoes. There have been several studies by doctors and Universities that have shown magnetic insoles will increase circulation in your feet and legs. This increased circulation will help with discomfort and prevent you from suffering further injury. The very best Magnetic Insoles cost $60 and will last a very long time. I hope this will help you with your training.

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  1. Great post Gary. I’m a hiker and you are absolutely right, blisters suck and when you are out hiking for a week or more taking time off to heal could mean running out of food. I like my infrared socks and wish I had known about them when I was hiking the AT regularly.

  2. Mikel Ciampi says:

    Great article! jhfibfd

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