Air Wellness Traveler

Air Wellness Traveler

nikken traveler air filter

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Air on the go. The Nikken Air Wellness Power5 introduced a revolutionary advance in home air systems. The Air Wellness Traveler offers the same innovative approach to indoor air, in a compact unit – for enjoying better air in an automobile, office space, school dorm room, or practically anywhere. The Traveler uses a multiple-stage combination of filter technologies, including advanced HEPA filtration. It features a negative-ion generator that operates without producing ozone and automatic or manual operation. Considering the amount of time that today’s family spends in the car, at work, or away from home, it is clear that indoor air in these places matters just as much. The Air Wellness Traveler can help you feel the wellness in the air – on the go. In your car or a small room in your house this air filter is perfect to provide you with clean air, and negative ions! With all the time we spend in our car we need to clean the air around us!

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