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Nikken Water Filter: Our Shower Filter Makes It A Wellness Shower

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A Nikken Water Filter on your shower head turns your shower into a Wellness Shower. You absorb 67% of the contaminants you take in everyday through the water you shower in, more if your taking a bath. A Nikken Water Filter is the quickest way to make a tremendous reduction in your exposure to contaminants for a small cost and turns your shower into a Wellness Shower. While chlorine is not the only contaminant in your water, exposure to chlorine in your water has been shown to cause premature aging of the skin and premature graying of the hair. Studies further indicate that persons that shower or bath in chlorinated water are more likely to have bronchial inflammation and suffer from asthma. Dr. Oz has said repeatedly on his show and on Oprah Winfrey to get a Shower Filter for the health of everyone in your home. I offer a reprint of an article from Elle magazine below. I also include here a demonstration I did with my daughter and granddaughter that illustrates just how quickly your skin absorbs chlorine. Scroll down to view. This Shower Filter turns your shower into a Wellness Shower using a Nikken Water Filter.

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Nikken Magazine Article

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