Kenzen Vital Balance

Nikken Vital Balance Protein Shake: Pea Protein

Nikken Protein Shake

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• Balanced formulation of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
• Vegetable protein, 125 calories
• Supports cognitive function
• Assists natural detoxifying
• Probiotics for healthy digestion and immune system
• No added salt, natural sweetener
• No dairy, soy, whey, gluten, lactose or GMO
• Vegan certified, kosher
• Great vanilla taste, also mixes with fruit or flavoring

• Kenzen Vital Balance is more than a protein meal replacement or
nutritional product. It is a functional food — a unique formulation based
on biological research and designed by a team of scientists to support
physical processes and help persons of any age to remain healthy.
• Ingredients in Kenzen Vital Balance include palm oil, a natural source of
medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs. These are assimilated differently
than long-chain triglycerides or fatty acids, which can provoke a rapid
insulin rise and be converted to fat tissue. MCTs are capable of
triggering thermogenesis, in which the body begins to burn stored fat for
energy. Instead of contributing to fat reserves, MCTs can provide an
energy boost and promote fat depletion at the same time.
• The MCTs in Kenzen Vital Balance are known to help in appetite control,
and raise the metabolic rate. Palm oil also contains antioxidants such as
beta-carotene, tocotrienols and tocopherols.
• Medium-chain triglycerides are rapidly absorbed by brain tissue for
nourishment and cell replenishment. Clinical studies have suggested a
link between MCTs and support for cerebral function in maturity. These
triglycerides may be of value in addressing mild memory problems
associated with aging.
• A number of toxins have been introduced into our physical environment.
These may be both natural and human-made, and one of the body’s
essential metabolic processes is the elimination of these substances.
Kenzen Vital Balance includes open-cell chlorella and coriander
(cilantro), natural plant ingredients recognized as beneficial in assisting
normal detoxifying-system function.
• Probiotics help the gastrointestinal tract break down food for digestion,
and are responsible for assimilating more than 10% of daily calories.
These symbiotic bacteria also contribute to a healthy immune system.
Kenzen Vital Balance includes multiple probiotic ingredients, support for
digestive activity and weight management.
• In 125 calories per serving, Kenzen Vital Balance has a delicious vanilla
flavor and can be mixed with water, soy or dairy milk, even fruit juice. No
other nutritional blend includes this broad and balanced measure of
daily essentials — and compounds that assist the body’s natural
defenses against free radicals and environmental challenge.

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