Nikken Magsteps

Nikken Magnetic Insoles-Magsteps-The Original Magnetic Inserts


I wear these Magnetic Inserts, Nikken Magnetic Insoles called Magsteps in my shoes for everyday use. They are so durable and will last for years and years. Magsteps was the first product ever sold by Nikken and took them to one million dollars in sales in less than a year. These Nikken Magnetic Insoles were inspired by the pebbles on the floor of Japanese bath houses. I also use these to lift weights in and for demonstration purposes. Nikken Magnetic Insoles come with a smooth side and a side with massaging bumps. I wear them with the bumps up. I find the Magnetic Inserts very comfortable but the flat side is for people with tender feet. The following videos show how these Magsteps increase blood flow in the feet holding great hope for those suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy, foot pain, or runners foot.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image