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Nikken has Magnetic Jewelry no matter what your activity. Introducing Nikken Powerbands!! Only PowerBand has Nikken TriPhase® Technology, in a lightweight design that is ideal for active people. The TriPhase system combines magnetic components that replicate the Earth’s natural magnetic field, far-infrared energy reflected as gentle warmth, and negative ions similar to those found in forests and near waterfalls. PowerBand has a composite core of tourmaline and silicone that is soft and comfortable yet holds up to wear. Its nylon outer shell is breathable and wicks away perspiration. The unique clasp that unites each PowerBand allows you to connect them in multiples, for a wristband, necklace or belt of any length. The two available colors offer more opportunities for creating a striking look.

Kenko Marqueza Collection

Magnetic Jewelry

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Inspired by the work of a world-renowned European fashion studio, the Kenko Marquesa™ necklace and bracelet graciously combine modern technology and timeless design. As a matched set of jewelry they create a dazzling impression, and each can be worn separately as an elegant accessory.

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