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In 1990 in England a study showed that a magnetic field increased the production of fibroblasts in rat cells. How does that effect us? Fibroblasts are cells found in mammals that are the building blocks of collagen. Collagen is what mends broken bones and keeps our skin tight and wrinkle free! This study led to the creation of the Nikken Sleep Mask. Even Nikken, who is known to restrict claims, states on their web site that the Nikken face mask reduces wrinkles after three month use!!

Lack of Sleep: Nikken Magnetic Face Mask or Magnetic Eye Mask

If you have a lack of sleep, your eyes are the first place to show it. The Magnetic Eye Mask from Nikken helps you obtain deep sleep anytime — day or night. An important part of the Nikken Sleep System, this strategically engineered magnetic face mask blocks out light to ensure restful sleep. Features EQL Magnetic and Far-Infrared Technologies. Helps to prevent and reduce eye wrinkles. (Results after 3 months)

Testimonials on Magnetic Mask:

Once you become accustomed to the confinement of the sleep mask, it becomes the most important piece of the sleep system. In my own “Private Sleep World,” it only takes an average of three minutes to fall into a deep sleep and if awakened for any reason, I will fall back into deep sleep, once again, in a short amount of time. This, from a chronic “Sentry” who had to walk the perimeter of the house, several times each night to protect my family from any invader and doing so in a state of chronic sleep deprivation! As I travel to do
my seminars, the former restless nights of the unfamiliar motel room bed is no longer an issue. The following is my opinion only! It is not based upon scientific explanation or Nikken authorized information:

Chronically sleep deprived people (and there are many of us in this world) are chemically challenged to the point that they can’t maintain any level of REM sleep because their eyes seek light from any source. The Pineal Gland, that is responsible for levels of Melatonin in the blood stream, must work in the sleep cycle without the influence of outside light. I am sure that the Magnetic and FIR energy, found in the Sleep Mask, is a catalyst for the production of natural Melatonin levels and the light blocking property of the mask is responsible for allowing uninterrupted darkness therefore preventing inadvertent waking. Whatever the scientific explanation may be, the sleep mask is a part of me forever. An important side note is that I invested a sleep mask cover so that the body fluids from my forehead do not become a problem.

Be well.
Dr. Tom Kirchhofer – “The Wellness Coach®”

I love my sleep mask. I won’t sleep without it. Since I suffer from seasonal allergies that affect my breathing, this product has been of utmost importance. It keeps my nasal passages and sinuses open, and combined with PiMag optimized water, I haven’t had to use allergy medicine for the past couple of years. I’ve used it also on my forehead on occasion for a headache or sinus stuffiness, and it works! I never thought I’d be able to sleep with something on my face, but the sleep mask is comfortable, prevents ambient light from disturbing me, and promotes better sleep.