Nikken Mattress

Nikken Mattress

In the universe, every object exists within a magnetic field. Earth itself is a giant magnet, with negative and positive (north and south) poles. Throughout history, human beings spent their waking and sleeping hours surrounded by the Earth’s magnetic energy. In fact, without this magnetic field life would not be possible. But today our society’s physical infrastructure has isolated us from this phenomenon. Buildings, electrical wiring and even metal bed springs affect the influence of this ambient magnetism. Nikken Magnetic Mattress sleep technology features an arrangement of magnets inspired by the Earth’s natural magnetic flow, to help bring the sleep environment closer to nature. Patent-pending RAM (radial-axis magnetism) Technology is the newest in a long line of Nikken mattress Pad innovations. Nikken Mattress is available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Nikken Mattress Pad Helps control temperature to keep you warm or cool

The Nikken Mattress Pad cover is woven in a blend of natural fibers, produced without chemical pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers.
• This fabric promotes breathability for natural regulation of temperature, and to resist mildew.
• These are also all-natural, fully renewable resources.
• Use of these materials enables the Nikken Magnetic Mattress to meet federal flammability standards for mattress pads and mattresses, without the use of flame-retardant chemicals.

Massage-Effect Technology A soothing massage sensation

magnetic mattress
A natural way to relieve stress and discomfort is with massage. Several sleep products attempt to produce this sensation with a textured or raised egg-carton surface. But only a Nikken Magnetic Mattress Pad has unique, dual-density nodules that create a gentle massaging touch. This feature is a component of the Nikken Mattress Pad.

It’s soothing, passive stimulation — no external power source is required. Every time you move in your sleep, the textured surface help to ease tension. It not only helps you get to sleep — you wake up feeling as if you just had an invigorating massage.