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Nikken calls this magnetic pillow a Kenko pillow. Kenko means “health” in Japanese. A magnetic pillow that you can make as firm or as soft as you wish! The Nikken Pillow includes RAM Technology, with organic fabrics and a natural filler that enhance ventilation for increased comfort. Choose your preferred level of head and neck support The exceptional features you find in the Nikken Mattress Pad are duplicated in the Nikken Magnetic Pillow — and it adds more.

Magnetic Pillow With RAM Technology

Nikken Technology

Inside the Nikken Pillow is a special filler of shredded natural latex. It’s designed so that you subtract or replace filler to achieve the desired degree of firmness — your personal perfect fit. The latex is especially resilient, so it resists being compressed flat, unlike a down or foam pillow. A head and neck insert provides correct spinal alignment. Deep within the Nikken Pillow is patented RAM (radial-axis magnetism) Technology, a series of magnets arranged to surround you in a cocoon of magnetism. This is a great magnetic pillow!! I sleep with mine every night. If I am away from home, I take it with me. If you ever have a Nikken Pillow and are without it for a time you can hardly wait to get back to it! Click on the image to find out more!

What you’ll find in a Nikken Pillow:

• RAM Technology, with the magnetic layer embedded deep within the Nikken pillow body.
• A shredded-latex filler, with the advantages of latex including its natural resilience that prevents flatness — a common effect when sleeping on ordinary down-filled or foam pillows.
• Custom firmness control: subtract or replace the latex filler to achieve the desired degree of softness or support, for the personal perfect fit.
• An internal support collar to provide correct head and neck alignment. It is placed so that the sleeper can arrange the pillow to select greater or less support, as desired.
• The same natural-fiber cover as the Nikken Mattress Pad, for a cool and comfortable surface that is naturally fire-resistant.