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Nikken Travel Blanket

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Nikken comforters offer advanced technology to promote better sleep and relaxation. Quality sleep is one of the most important steps toward good health. Nikken Kenko technology can help you sleep more comfortably. In all Nikken comforters, far-infrared, ceramic-reflecting fibers provide soft, natural warmth. Staying comfortable — not too cold or hot — can help you sleep better. The dimensions of the Travel Comforter provide an amply-sized personal sleep cover or mattress topper when unrolled. When folded, The Travel Comforter makes a convenient pillow or seat cushion.

• Enjoy the Nikken Kenko sleep experience when traveling

• Versatile — use as a comforter, mattress topper or pillow

• Personal size, light weight, packable with elastic closures

• Nikken Far-Infrared Technology to promote better sleep

• Breathable, 100% cotton cover

• Washable