Special Mattress Helps Prevent Heart Attacks!

Using Magnetic Mattresses to Help Prevent Heart Attacks

Magnetic Field Can Reduce Blood Viscosity, Physicist Discovers

A Temple University physicist has discovered that he can thin the human blood by subjecting it to a magnetic field. Science Daily published the following: “Rongjia Tao, professor and chair of physics at Temple University, has pioneered the use of electric or magnetic fields to decrease the viscosity of oil in engines and pipelines. Now, he is using the same magnetic fields to thin human blood in the circulation system.” When the magnetic field was taken away, the blood’s original viscosity state slowly returned, but over a period of several hours. Currently, the only method for thinning blood is through drugs. Doctors are saying sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad might help to prevent high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. Listen to the Fox News report below.

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