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Spina Bifida: Medicinal Mushrooms, Magnetic Insoles, & Nikken

I found this letter posted on a forum on the site called Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario (SB&H). I put it here unedited in it’s entirety. Her words are in blue. The love this Mom has for her child can be felt reading her letter and moved me to tears.


My name is Renee Jubenville and I am from Ontario,Canada.
I have a 14 year old son with Spina Bifida. Just this year I have came across a Company called Nikken. I since have learnt how powerful magnetics are for people with Spina Bifida. My son was having trouble with circulation in both his feet and Doctors were going to remove them until i came across the Magnetic Insoles for his shoes. Within 24 hours after puttin the insoles in his shoes his circulation improved 100%. The blueish-black color was gone. He has also batteled Bladder infections since day 1 and we have started him on the bio-Directed Mushroom Complex from Nikken and he has not had a bladder infection since. My mission is to tell everyone around the globe what Nikken products have done for my son and my family.And to also help you to understand what they can do for you, or maybe your son or Daughter. These products have Given my son a better quality of life. Hoping to get many other parents and adults with spina bifida aboard to try these products and spread the word about Nikken. Please dont hesitate to e-mail me for more information. If you would like to speak on the phone please e-mail me your phone number and I will gladly call you. Also If you are having a certain problem please explain it to me and I will send you information on what products will help you.

Since I have seen the Amazing affects that Nikken products have had on hundreds of Spina Bifida Children and Adults In my Area I have chosen to also become a Health and Wellness Consultant with Nikken. Since then I have helped many people and families with different challenges due to having spina bifida! Now I am gettin the word out all over the world that Nikken magnetics work. With Nikken in my life I now know their is NO obstacle in my sons life we can not over come.

Hoping to hear back from you soon!
Renee Jubenville

PS( I have seen amazing things happen and help many children and Adults with spina bifida)”

This was posted on 07-12-2004. How much further Nikken has come since that day. If you know of someone that has or has a child with this disease please forward this blog to them so they will know. If you wish to discover more about magnetic insoles, or medicinal mushrooms please contact me.

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