Sunday Afternoon Fun

YouTube Preview ImageI sometimes will get caught up with the importance of work. I will write about internet marketing, multilevel marketing, or an amazing Nikken product experience I have been told about and think how important these things are to relay to folks. Then out of the blue I am reminded of the importance of simple pleasures in our lives and how we should never take them for granted. I know North Korea is firing at the South, and a noted Russian economist is predicting the break up of the United States due to the unmanageable debt we owe, unemployment is above 10% and folks cannot find work, I know all these things and their significance but, this weekend I had the pleasure of the company of my daughter and granddaughter both of whom are 9, and even though they had all the latest electronic gadgets, movies rented, and more TV stations than they could possibly watch the hit of the weekend was…..a pile of leaves in my yard. Kinda put the importance of things in perspective, at least in my mind.

til next time,

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