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Nikken Dream Light Comforter/Blanket

Nikken Light Infrared Blanket This is the perfect infrared blanket for summer and more temperate climates. Lighter infrared blanket with all the amazing Nikken technologies you are sure to love! Infrared, negative ion, magnetic, and tourmaline technologies will wrap your … Continue reading

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Nikken Mattress

Nikken Mattress In the universe, every object exists within a magnetic field. Earth itself is a giant magnet, with negative and positive (north and south) poles. Throughout history, human beings spent their waking and sleeping hours surrounded by the Earth’s … Continue reading

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Nikken Full Sleep System

Nikken Kenko Sleep System The natural sleep environment The Nikken Kenko Sleep System is the only sleep technology that combines advanced comfort and support features — such as improved ventilation, natural materials and more — with magnetic technology. Why introduce … Continue reading

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Nikken Sleep System

Nikken Sleep System Few things can make you feel better than a good night’s sleep. And few things have as powerful an influence on our lives and health. Sleep restores and recharges us, keeps us healthy, and can even affect … Continue reading

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Sleeping on a Magnetic Mattress Pad and Your Health

Most of us are sleeping on a mattress that utilizes technology that has been around since Abraham Lincoln was president. Is it any wonder we wake up tired and aching?? Modern science has provided us a better way to sleep … Continue reading

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