True Elements® Skin Care-Recapture a younger you!

True Elements® Skin Care-Recapture a younger you!

Everyone notices healthy, youthful looking skin. Everyone wants it. But visible signs of aging, dryness and a loss of elasticity can affect more than just your face: Your hands also tell a story. With True Elements® Swiss Organic Skin Care, men and women of all ages can have a glowing complexion and smooth, moisturized hands to match!

While some people may be reluctant to try a new product on their faces, virtually everyone is open to sampling on their hands. What better way to introduce the amazing benefits of our Eco-Cert®-certified True Elements skin care line?

The True Elements® Swiss Organic Skin Care promo pack includes one Foaming Face Wash (1806), one Daily Perfecting Cream (1808) and three Nourishing Hand Creams (1813) for easy sharing and product demos, at a special reduced price!

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True Elements® Foaming Face Wash

Cleanses without stripping skin of natural oils
Helps keep skin’s natural pH in balance
Formulated with nectapure, aloe vera and hyssop to soothe and moisturize during the gentle cleansing process

This item is available for Autoship

True Elements® Daily Perfecting Cream

Provides perfect hydration to keep skin soft and supple
Reduces the appearance of aging by softening the look of wrinkles
Formulated with edelweiss, marrubium and nectapure for their natural antioxidant properties

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True Elements® Nourishing Hand Cream

Enriched with aloe vera to help soothe, soften and smooth hands
Non-greasy formula is easily absorbed
Certified-organic shea butter and olive, macadamia and jojoba oils help lock in moisture for long-lasting results

Why Eco-Cert®?

Eco-Cert means certified natural and organic, excluding nearly 3,000 chemicals commonly used in skin care formulations by other brands
Eco-Cert means no synthetic perfumes or dyes, no chemical solvents or emulsifiers, no artificial preservatives such as parabens, and no petroleum byproducts
Eco-Cert means ingredients are derived from sources found in nature
Eco-Cert means no ingredients that are harmful to the environment or unsafe for humans

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